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We fight so everyone can participate in this essential process.

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Voting is fundamental to a functional democracy. Ensuring everyone has an opportunity to participate in the voting process is critical to making sure democracy works for everyone.  

We fight to expand access to voting to immigrants, regardless of their documentation access.

We fight for incarcerated people’s right to vote.

We can’t make sound democratic decisions for people, unless they are represented in their government through the right to vote.

We also recognize that elections have become expensive operations, which is why we pushed the Honest Elections Initiative in Seattle in 2015. The initiative was a major victory to lower-income residents who wanted to participate in the campaign process. Now each Seattle resident, regardless of their immigration status, receives four Democracy Vouchers, worth $25 each. The vouchers are funded through a tax, and can be donated to candidates of the resident’s choice in city elections. The initiative also implemented rules to curb corporate spending in local elections.

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