Join the fight

We work with partner organizations and growing coalitions of organizers to ensure communities of color are foregrounded in discussions around the impact of climate change.

Immigrant communities and communities of color are the first to feel the negative impact of climate change, and it's critical our voices are a factor in moving forward to alleviate the harmful impacts of global warming. 



The effects of climate change, unchecked pollution, and extraction are felt first and felt viscerally in communities of color. 

South Park is one of the more affordable communities in the Puget Sound region, and increasingly one of the most diverse communities. But, located right next to the I-5, a dump, and factories, it also gets the brunt of the region's emissions. That has a direct and physical impact on residents, who face higher rates of respiratory disease and cancer than their neighbors in less diverse communities. 

As the risk of wildfires increase in our state, so does the threat to native lands. Fires and drought increase food insecurity and extraction jeopardizes water access first to communities of color. 

Climate justice is deeply tied to racial and economic justice, and because of that we must put people of color, and folks from low income communities, at the front in conversations about how to take these challenges on. 

We fight for better, more affordable public transportation, building affordable housing located away from freeways, investing in renewable energy, and creating green economy jobs. 

We can only begin to heal when the most impacted among us are centered in the discussion about what needs to change.