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Ashley (Federal Way Organizer)

Xochitl (Political Director)


Housing is a universal necessity - without stable and secure housing, every other facet of life is thrown into turmoil. But, with barriers to housing, like strict credit score requirements for tenants or high rent costs that climb every month, many renters are left in unstable housing situations and struggle in every other aspect of their lives.

After the foreclosure crisis in 2008, the number of renter households skyrocketed, especially in cities and suburbs. For the majority of people - especially people of color, immigrants, women, and people with disabilities - rental costs represents the largest economic burden they face every month. On the other hand, for landlords, rental property represents the ultimate source of profit, status, and control in our society.

Poverty in America is a lucrative business. Landlords extract an obscene amount of money from their tenants - far beyond the actual cost of maintenance and taxes on the property. But - we are at a tipping point - renters can’t take the injustice anymore. Renters are organizing and fighting back. By challenging landlords and radically changing the rental market, we are pushing back on housing injustice in a tangible way. Join us!