2019 Washington State Legislative Session Updates

Health Care

SB 5822/HB 1877: Path to Universal Health Care

At our Health Care for All coalition meeting we urged lawmakers to take significant policy steps toward providing truly universal health care. This could be it.

Feb. 21: Bill passes out of the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care and is referred to the Ways and Means Committee!

Mar 1: Passed through Ways & Means!

March 13: Passed Senate 28-21!

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HB 1523/SB 5526: Cascade Care

Mar 8: HB 1523 passes on the House floor.

Mar 8: SB 5526 placed for second reading in Rules Committee.

Passed the Senate and headed for conference!

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Suggested message: Amend HB 1523 and SB 5526 to run the program through the Health Care Authority, making it a True Public Option, and open it to all residents, regardless of documentation status.

HB 1065: End Surprise Billing

Feb. 1: HB 1065 passes out of the House Committee on Health Care & Wellness and is referred to Appropriations.

Feb. 20: HB 1065 heard publicly in the House Appropriations Committee.

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Mar 8: HB 1065 passes on the House floor 84-13!

Mar 15: Scheduled for Hearing in Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee

Suggested message: Support HB 1065, with no opt-outs! No one should be debt burdened for health care.

SB 5292/HB 1224: Prescription Pricing Transparency

This bill has passed the House in each of the past two legislative sessions and is expected to once again. The Senate is where we are directing our focus.

Feb. 28: SB 5292 passed unanimously in the Senate!

Mar 15: Scheduled for Public Hearing at 8:30 am in the House Healthcare and Wellness Committee.

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Suggested message: Thank your Senator for supporting prescription drug pricing transparency!


HB 1453 and SB 5600: Eviction Reform

Jan. 28: SB 5600 got its first hearing. Tenants and advocates packed the Housing Stability & Affordability Committee hearing room. More than 150 people signed in as Pro and several gave compelling, emotional testimony. Tenants like Gina and Keilani shared their personal experiences with eviction. Professionals in the legal, social services, and health care world shared their experiences working with tenants undergoing eviction.

March 5: HB 1453 PASSES off the House floor!

March 9: SB 5600 PASSES off the Senate floor!

Both bills would extend the eviction “pay or vacate” notice period from three days. HB 1453 would extend the period to 21 days and SB 5600 would extend the period to 14 days. Both bills would give judges more discretion to consider the tenant’s situation in an eviction case.

Tell your lawmakers to pass eviction reform!

Mass Liberation

SB 5819: Establishing a post-conviction review board

Feb. 19: Bill passes out of the Senate Committee on Law & Justice! Referred to Ways & Means.

March: Bill does not move out of Ways and Means. This means the bill will start up again in the Senate Committee on Law & Justice in the 2020 Legislative Session.


Keep Washington Working Act

Our economy and communities thrive only when we make it clear ALL of us are welcome. We don’t want our local police to take on the role of federal officers, when they should be focused on community safety and well-being. We also cannot have our communities living in fear.