Federal Way tenants fight against landlord's "move out" fees


Tenants in a Federal Way complex were shocked when, at the end of their lease, they were sent bills for thousands of dollars for what the landlord said were for repairs and cleaning. 

One tenant, Maria, left at the end of her lease at the Kitts Corner Apartments. Mold was infesting her apartment and her property managers dismissed her concerns, treating her rudely. They never came to her apartment to make repairs. When she left, the property owners kept the security deposit, but they also charged her an additional $2,600 for "repairs."

Well, when we hear about this type of injustice, we stand by you and demand just treatment. About 15 of us marched into the property manager's office at the Kitts Corner Apartments and delivered a demand letter, asking to set up a meeting to go over tenants concerns. 

We will update you when we get a meeting scheduled.