To truly lead from community, we prioritize building a team of people who are directly impacted by the issues we work on. We are people of color, women, LGBTQ, from different economic backgrounds, and people of all abilities.

Ariana Vallejo, Kent and Auburn Organizer

Ariana started with Washington CAN as a volunteer workig to bring locally grown produce to underserved communities. As a member, she led on the fight to pass a Sanctuary City Resolution in Auburn, where she lives in a mobile home park with her three kids. She became a full-time organizer for CAN in 2018, organizing tenants and immigrants in Kent and Auburn. Ariana also is a facilitating organizer with Casa Latina for Mujeres Sin Fronteres, a program to empower Latina women in leadership positions. She is part of a Mexica Dance Group and works to connect people to their cultural roots.

Ashley Cormier, Federal Way Organizer

Ashley started at Washington CAN in 2012 as a field canvasser. Since then she’s worked in every department. Now, as the Federal Way Organizer, she connects one-on-one with members: Building leaders, fighting for stronger tenant rights, and getting to know more people in the community.

“A woman of color and a part of the LGBQT community. Here I am!”

Erin Fenner, Communications Director

Erin grew up in rural Idaho and started her career as a journalist, writing about courts, government, the criminal justice system, health care, and movements for papers across the Mountain West. Her experience as part of the LGBTQ community; and her experiences reporting on systems and injustice has informed her political work.

Gerald Hankerson, Director of Policy & Development

As a black man, Gerald experienced first-hand the racism and injustices of our police and court system, spending 23 years of his life in prison. Since being granted clemency, he has been a leader for racial equity. He fights for mass liberation to address the over-incarceration of communities of color.

Lori Schroyer Hazelchild, Director of Membership & Staff Development

Lori has been with Washington CAN since 2006. She is one of the most positive people on staff and works hard to train, retain and integrate talented phone and field organizer/canvassers, who love their jobs, work environment and organization.

Mary Le Nguyen, Executive Director

As a first-generation Vietnamese refugee from a logging town in Washington, Mary fought to lift the voices of the most marginalized. She organized grocery store and child care workers to improve working conditions and the Asian Pacific Islander community to further reproductive justice, organizing in the labor movement and reproductive justice movement for over a decade. She serves on the board of People's Action and is a steering committee member of Front and Centered, a coalition of 60+ people-of-color-led organizations fighting for climate justice. She has a Masters of Arts in policy studies from the University of Washington. She is the first Executive Director of color at Washington CAN.


Michael Langelier, Director of Membership Administration

Michael became engaged in activism as a teenager, first getting involved in environmental and LGBTQ groups. Continuing with a passion for social justice, he joined Washington CAN in 1997. As Director, he manages the Data Department and the membership database. As a gay man, he plays a critical role in helping our organization remain diverse and inclusive; in particular, for the gay, trans and gender non-conformist communities. Michael also has cerebral palsy, representing the views of the differently-abled people in the organization, and working to ensure that Washington CAN is accessible for folks of all abilities.


Sarah Stockholm, Community Organizer

Sarah Stockholm was raised in rural South Dakota on Lakota territories where she started anti-racist organizing in a multi-racial coalition. Her working class values and love for the movement keep her practice of popular education and organizing grounded, yet visionary. She started working with Washington CAN in 2019 to build community power for tenant protections and eviction reform. She also works with Showing Up for Racial Justice, a regional and national network committed to undermining white support for white supremacy and bringing in more people for a strong multi-racial, cross-class racial justice movement.

Shajuanda Tate, Seattle Organizer

Shajuanda started in education advocacy, as a member of the board of directors with the Freedom Education Project of Puget Sound. As a first-generation college student, she focused on helping secure quality access to higher academic education for people least likely to benefit from formal higher education. She worked as an organizer with The Village of Hope, the National Council for Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls. Shajuanda has been a speaker and bringing awareness and educating people on issues around mass incarceration locally and nationally. She started with Washington CAN in 2018, advocating for equitable treatment and rights for tenants in the Seattle area, where she hopes to make an impact and be a strong support for the people in this community.


Serena Evans-Satoran, Finance Director

Serena has been at Washington CAN since 2011. She comes to us from the reproductive justice movement. Serena has been critical in creating systems of accountability for our organization and plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations.


Sol Bey, Field Canvass Director

Sol was raised in a poor neighborhood in Pittsburg and he experienced catastrophic loss when his brother was murdered. As an African American man who faced systematic failures first-hand, Sol dedicated his work to reaching community directly through field canvassing. He has over 30 years of canvassing experience and is regarded as one of the most respected trainers in the Seattle area. He has helped build canvassing operations in cities and states across the nation.

Xochitl Maykovich, Political Director

Xochitl has been with Washington CAN for more than 5 years. A daughter of a Mexican immigrant, she grew up in rural North Carolina in a military town. This background informed how she builds political power in communities. Xochitl organized to improve Swedish Hospital's charity care program and led the fight to pass Seattle's move-in fee legislation. Now she is leading the grassroots effort to repeal the state ban on rent regulation and pass eviction reform. She sits on the board of Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, and is a Co-Chair of the Seattle Women's Commission. She graduated from the UNC-Chapel Hill.