Help us raise the funds for our new van

You may have met the Silver Bullet before. Our canvassing van is an old gal with more than 208,000 miles on her that she racked up over her 14 years of helping organizers achieve social justice wins for our community. 

Her job, is as straightforward as it is critical: She gets our organizers out into the community so we can identify the issues we need to make change on and rally the people who can help make that change. When policy-makers create policies without listening to constituents who will be impacted, or when we need a policy-maker to support our agenda, we send our field canvass team to their district in order to build a base of members that policy-makers should hear out.

She's never slacked on the job. Just in the last year, the van carried organizers into the community, helping us gain more than 8,500 new members. 

Of course, she's also been the main transport for our organizers when they get out the vote. We focus on underrepresented communities, to empower folks from often-disenfranchised communities to have a voice in the system. 

The thing is, 14 years is a long time for a van, and she's ready for retirement. So we're giving her a send off by raising money for her replacement. When we roll out the new canvassing van, we'll host a ribbon cutting ceremony and give the new gal a name, chosen by the person who submitted the highest donation. 

Help us raise the money so we can get out into the community, get residents involved, and make meaningful change for everyone in our state.