Washington CAN’s vision is to be one of the nation’s most effective economic and racial justice organizations, building a movement of people whose collective action ensures that all communities are healthy, prosperous, and have an equal voice in determining their future.


Our mission is to achieve racial, gender, economic, and social equity in order to establish a democratic society characterized by justice and fairness, with respect for diversity, and a decent quality of life for all those who reside in Washington.


We Value Community

  • Everyone deserves equitable treatment and a voice in the movement for economic justice and racial equity.
  • Our power comes from people of diverse backgrounds uniting together in common cause.
  • Our power grows when we act in solidarity with others.

We Value Justice

  • Our movement is led by people who are directly impacted by our issues.
  • We will hold everyone – especially business, government, and the wealthy – accountable for creating a just world.
  • We run our organization with integrity and justice.

We Value Action

  • Through collective action we challenge the status quo and shift dynamics of power.
  • We constantly grow to expand our membership and our reach.
  • We make strategic choices that build long-term organizational capacity and strength.